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Project Description
The Database Content Viewer will help any developer working on a database oriented application.
No longer creating complex SQL statements to inspect the complete data hierarchy of an object in the database.

See all the data, spread over different tables, for one specific entry in the base table.


How to use
This application will need some adaptations before it can be really used by the developers.
Every database is different so you first have to create a separate IDbModel implementation.

The following steps have to be taken in order to make your database work with this viewer :
  1. Think about which object is the main entry point for your application.
  2. Create a new class library project.
  3. Add a new 'LINQ to SQL Classes' item.
  4. Drag all your database objects that you want to see in the designer.
  5. Add a reference to the 'DatabaseViewer.Interfaces.dll'.
  6. Create a new class file that will implement the IDbModel interface.
  7. Implement the methods / properties :
    • CreateTree
    • FilterProperties
    • LoadFromControl
    • LoadTree
  8. Change the databaseviewer.config to be able to load your just created dll.





More screenshots

The startupscreen

A simple filled data screen

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